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How to Make a Sugar Flower Peony

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Fecha de publicación: 10/07/2019 21:35


How to Make a Sugar Flower Peony



Step 1

Mould a medium sized ball of gum paste and using fine pointed scissors snip the paste to create the detail for the centre.

Step 2

Use pale pink gum paste rolled out finely and begin by using the smallest sized petal cutter. Place the cutter onto the paste and press the plunger down firmly to create the veined embossing.

Step 3

Now press firmly on the cutter.

Step 4

Lift up the cutter and press the plunger once more to eject the paste. You will need approximately four small petals.

Step 5

Place the petals onto the foam pad and soften the edges by sliding the ball tool around the edge of the petals, keeping the modelling tool half on and half off of the paste.

Step 6

Peonies really benefit from soft gentle shading and this will also highlight the veining. Carefully brush a little yellow powder colour to the tip of the petal and pink to the soften edges.

Step 7

Brush the prepared centres with powder yellow colour.

Step 8

The flower can have as many petals as you like and for this size peony we have added five medium size petals and seven large petals.

Step 9

We can now look at starting to add the petals. Begin with the small size overlapping where necessary and hiding as much or as little of the centre as you like.

Step 10

To secure the petals in place use a very small quantity of gum glue applied sparingly with a brush at the joining points.

Step 11

Continue to add the petals, allowing the peony to gradually open into a full bloom. Allow to dry.

Step 12

Secure the peonies in place at the base of the cake. To complete the presentation, prepare additional wired decorations using taped wire twisted and curled into fun shapes.