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EVERYTHING IS CAKE - Latest meme to hit the internet

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Fecha de publicación: 17/07/2020 13:29


You Pick up the Phone to Ring for Help but it’s Cake

Now don’t get me wrong I love cake, vanilla, chocolate and red velvet – oh delicious. So when I started seeing cake everywhere I was loving life, but soon it was actually EVERYWHERE.

So a bit of background, the cake meme started long before it was a trend, but the Buzzfeed article definitely started this absolute revolution of cake. There are worse things than cake taking over the world, I agree but this is making me constantly hungry.

This toilet roll posted by @tasty on Twitter (video above) is definitely topical; considering how many people were scouring the supermarkets for loo roll, this is almost a tease. The video goes on to show us some bananas which are cake, and pizza which is cake and a coconut which is, yes you guessed it, cake.

So let’s have a look at what you could make at home to get involved with this trend. One of the simplest but in my opinion tastiest goodies is a pizza cake. It doesn’t have to look absolutely real just taste delicious.
You could use chocolate curls to look like cheese, and then cut out paste to look like toppings, but the details in the texture is what puts so many cakes over the top. So here is a really quick recipe for a delicious cake and I’ll put some links in if you want to buy any products to help out.

First, make a cake – whichever is your fancy, but just remember to either make them really thin or be sure to slice them up to really create the pizza look. To cut your cake evenly, try out our cake levellers. If you are feeling a little bit lazy and just want the cake in your belly use our cake mix which just needs water and oil – check it out here.

Second, use some frosting with red colouring to create the sauce base. To add bits of flavour here why not use some Strawberry flavour along with the colour.
Finally, the toppings. As I said above these chocolate curls look just like cheese and taste grate too. Now for some more toppings – veg, chicken, pepperoni, pineapple, or just all of it. Our best advice is using our gum paste. The paste doesn’t dry as quickly as others which means you can mould it for a bit longer to achieve all those details – have a look at our different ones here.

Here are a few tips:
- Our modelling tools are a great way to really make sure the toppings look real, the ball tool is great for pepperoni or the cutting wheels tool is great for bacon strips
- Our needle tool is great for creating little details such as on peppers or mushrooms too
- All of our modelling tools can be found here.