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Top 10 Trends in Cake Decorating

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Published date: 19/06/2019 07:00


Top 10 Trends in Cake Decorating

Trends are forever changing, whether it be in fashion, food or the world of cake decorating. The constant stream of different cake designers and artists creating new materials, techniques and revamping traditional styles has led to a constant rotation of trends. Below are the 10 Top Trends in Cake Decorating of 2019:

1. Fault Line

The trend has been taking Instagram by storm recently.

The fault line design creates an illusion of the cake breaking in two halves to reveal a new layer of sprinkles, buttercream flowers, fruits and in some cases Sugarpaste figures.

2. Gender Reveal

Revealing the gender of your expected baby boy or girl has become a huge trend across communities all over the world. This trend first branched out in to the cake decorating world in 2010 when YouTubers began experimenting with dying the insides of their cakes blue or pink, since then we have seen a massive growth in freelancers and bakeries offering bespoke gender reveal cakes. In 2019 and the rise of sharing our lives on social media - this trend is still taking the industry by storm.

P.S. We used an upcoming product to create this gender reveal cake! Keep your eyes peeled for a release date!

3. Geode Cake

The geode or crystal design is an ongoing trend which first surfaced in 2016 – which has been a favourite amongst celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z.

The geode design is made by replicating crystals such as the amethyst using a combination of hot water, food colouring and sugar.

What’s interesting with this trend is how different designers have incorporated it within their designs, for example it can be embedded in a cake to create the look of an actual crystal or the crystals can be broken down to make smaller crumb like pieces.

4. Say it with cake

For decades, cakes have been used to pass on well wishes for birthdays, congratulatory messages, Christmas greetings, etc.

But, recently there has been a huge increase in the ‘say it with a cake’ trend. The trend is literally what it says on the tin… say it with a cake!

If you’ve ever heard of @drakeoncake then you will understand exactly what we’re on about! @joythebaker started an Instagram sensation when she created @drakeoncake – a page solely dedicated to putting the popular musician’s lyrics on to a cake and ofcourse cake designers everywhere have taken this as inspiration to create their own text designs.

5. Cake Drip

With the rise of drip cakes all over Instagram it’s natural that this trend ranks in our top 10. Drip cakes originated a couple of years ago when we began to see salted caramel glaze dripping down the sides of an otherwise plain cake. Dripping sauces are now typically made from delicious chocolate ganache and range in colours.

To try out this trend for yourself, follow the Cake Drip Recipe.

6. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake has become increasingly popular ever since cake decorators took to Instagram to promote business and build an online following. The bright colours will work magically as click bait for a younger audience and the boldness of the colours will intrigue an older audience to asking what products were used.The deep colours come from using a different consistency of food colouring, for example we used our PME Paste Colours which allow us to add more colouring in the mixture without affecting the consistency.

7. Sprinkles

In the 1990s, the Funfetti cake trend was the hallmark of a successful birthday party. This trend has recently come back in to fashion with the emerging sprinkles cakes.

Sprinkles are a great traditional cake decoration, there are hundreds of ways to incorporate them in to a design however a trend that has been surfacing recently is to completely coat a cake with sprinkles or edible confetti.

8. Cake Toppers

Using cake toppers has been a traditional way to decorate wedding cakes for decades, the introduction of using gum paste to create such designs has grown in popularity over the recent years and now it’s not uncommon to see extravagant edible creations topping any type of occasion cakes.

Cake topper cutters are relatively easy to use with gum paste and they finish a cake off perfectly.

9. Buttercream dream

Using buttercream to create abstract styles and designs has been increasingly popular with cake designers over the years and the trend has taken us to reshape our cakes! Gone are the thick layer of Sugarpaste… buttercream is back!

But what about patterned side scrapers, why not create an interesting edge to your buttercream cake that is both delicious and unique!

10. Meringues

Over the past few years, meringues have become a favourite cake accessory as their lightweight, delicious texture will allow them to sit on top of a cake without denting the delicate buttercream icing. Cake designers have been experimenting with adding colours, sprinkles and melted candy buttons to make delicious, edible cake decorations.