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10 Essential Tools Every Cake Decorator Needs in Their Kitchen

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Published date: 06/01/2023 12:00

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10 Essential Tools Every Cake Decorator Needs in Their Kitchen

Are you a cake decorator looking to up your game? Or are you just starting out in the world of cake decorating and not sure what equipment you need to get started? Either way, having the right tools can make all the difference in creating beautifully decorated cakes.

Here are the top 10 pieces of equipment every cake decorator needs:



A turntable allows you to spin your cake as you work. It's a handy tool for creating intricate designs or for evenly applying and smoothing out buttercreams and icings. PME’s tilting turntable is a great product to have in your toolbox. Not only does it rotate smoothly, but it also tilts your cake to allow for easy cake decorating! Don’t worry, the strong, non-slip top ensures your cakes are going nowhere and are kept safe!

Offset Spatula

An offset spatula is a must-have for any cake decorator. It's perfect for filling cakes, smoothing out frosting and creating clean lines, whilst keeping your fingers away from touching the cake. You can even get creative with them and paint on buttercream patterns and flowers with them!

Piping Bag and Nozzles

Piping bags and tips are essential for creating those iconic swirls on cupcakes and adding those finishing touches to your cakes. They can be a little bit tricky to get the hang of but with a little practice, they will make your cakes and cupcakes really pop! Our favourite nozzles include; JEM’s 1M to create those classic cupcake swirls and cake borders, JEM’s 2D for an elegant rose design, JEM’s 3ES for a more modern trendy look, and the simple 2R for dots and creating buttercream dams to keep those fillings in the cake!

Fondant Smoother

Fondant smoothers are extremely helpful when it comes to smoothing out fondant and marzipan, as well as creating those sharp crisp corners on cakes! PME’s Tall Cake Smoothers are ideal for cakes of all sizes! 

Cake Tins

Cake tins are the product that starts of your journey to creating beautiful cakes.  PME cake tins are a popular choice among professional cake decorators and home bakers. These high quality tins are made from strong and durable anodised aluminium, making it easy to use, clean and will last a very long time. They will bake your cake to perfection creating perfect sharp edges ready to be decorated

Cake Leveller

Cake levellers make trimming the tops of your cakes and torting a cake so much easier as well as saving you time. It creates an ideal flat surface for your cakes ensuring they aren’t lopsided and wont collapse. PME’s Cake Leveller has a serrated wire that was engineered to prevent cakes from tearing, which is also easily adjustable to create the perfect height on a cake layer!


Cake Scraper

A cake scraper is a versatile tool that can be used to smooth out frosting and create sharp edges. Cake scrapers come in a variety of sizes and materials for personal preference! Check out PME’s range of acrylic, metal, patterned and plastic scrapers!


Food Colours

Food colours are a great way to add some creativity to your designs. They come in a variety of colours, but most importantly, a variety of mediums. Paste Colours are the most popular as they mix in with almost everything. They are super concentrated so a little goes a long way without altering the consistency. Liquid colours are also popular particularly amongst home bakers but adding too much can affect your product. Powder colours are great to use in royal icing and chocolate. Professional bakers tend to use them more for adding colour and dimension to models and sugarflowers.


Cake Boards

Having the correct size cake board is a crucial way to make transporting cakes easier and cutting cakes safer. They come in a huge range of colours, patterns and textured giving your cakes a clean finished and professional look. 



Investing in a stand mixer is beneficial for creating cakes in a number of ways. They will allow you to mix batters, buttercreams and more to efficiently and will create more even bakes! It will save you lots of time so you can prep the other details needed for your cake!



By investing in these top 10 pieces of equipment, you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful, professionally decorated cakes. Happy decorating!