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Piping Buttercream Flowers

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Published date: 11/01/2019 00:35


Piping Buttercream Flowers



Twist Piped Flower:

Step 1

Place the large twist tube into the bag and three quarters fill with buttercream. Hold the tube upright just slightly above the surface.

Step 2

Begin to squeeze out the buttercream until a floral shape is created. Stop squeezing and lift the bag away in an upright position.

To create a decorative variation, hold the tube in position and twist the bag a quarter turn as you squeeze out the buttercream.

Step 3

Use the small twist tube in the same way and pipe daisy type flowers onto mini cupcakes and biscuits or directly into the centre of the large piped flower.




Daisy Style Flower:

Step 1

Smooth green coloured buttercream across a cupcake to give a flat sealed surface.

Step 2

Place a JEM NZ104 tube into a bag with buttercream and with the wide end facing outwards, position it at a slight angle just above the surface. Squeeze out a little icing, push slightly forward and then pull the tube towards the cupcake centre to form a petal shape.

Begin at the outside edge and continue around in a circle, overlap each layer until the cupcake centre is reached. Finish with a nonpareils or pearls of own choice.