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Making Cake with Soda

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Published date: 27/05/2021 11:34

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Adding Soda to a cake may seem slightly strange, but trust us it tastes delicious!

Adding soda to a cake mix or batter is a fast way to add flavour and replace other wet ingredients, such as water and oil.

This method is great if you are vegan, as it replaces eggs. It can also lower the fat content of the cake as it is used in place of oil.

TOP TIP: Although the flavour of the soda will most likely bake out of the dessert; dark sodas, such as Coca Cola or Dr Pepper works best with chocolate cakes and light sodas, such as sprite, works best with vanilla cake.

This method of using soda reduces your ingredient list for your chosen cake, to two common items found in kitchens and you will have a dessert in no time.

Here is how you make it

Step 1

Preheat your oven to what the packaging of the cake mix you will be using, has instructed. If you are using our Too Good to be True Cake Mix – preheat oven to 180 degrees / 160 Fan, or Gas Mark 4.

Step 2

In a medium sized mixing bowl, mix the cake mix with a can of soda (or 10 ounces of soda) using a mixing spoon or whisk. The soda will replace other ingredients normally needed when baking a cake such as water, oils and eggs.

Step 3

Spray your cake pan with our Release a Cake Spray and then pour the cake batter into your cake pan.

Step 4

Bake your cake for the amount of time that is instructed by your cake mix. Insert a toothpick or knife in the middle when you think it may be done, and if it comes out clean, you cake is done.

Step 5

Allow the cake to cool, and ice your cake if desired.

Easy right?  Have a go and try this yourself!

It is not just soda that can take your baking to new levels. Here are some more interesting and strange ingredients, which actually work well.


Jasper J. Mirabile, Jr. – a Kansas City Chef says that this condiment is a secret baking staple. Mayonnaise is a substitute for oil and also balances out the sugar, and preventing the cake from becoming too dry.

Ice cream

Two scoops of ice cream, as well as 64 grams of self – rising flour, turns your cake into bread like dessert! Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself!

Sour cream

See you later burritos, we are using sour cream for our cakes! The creamy texture of sour creams makes your cake super moist!

Bored at home? Why don’t you try one of these cake mix combinations and see how it goes!