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How to use PME Cake Toppers cutters

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Published date: 26/06/2019 09:55


How to use PME Cake Toppers cutters

Cake toppers are a great way to decorate your celebration cakes, our new cutters allow you to create professional edible cake toppers out of sugar or gum paste. With our new design you can decorate or embellish your cake topper and slot it straight in to the cake!

Step By Step:

Step 1

Roll out the paste evenly

Place template on rolled icing, ensuring it's completely even throughout. For best results use gumpaste or flower paste

Step 2

Push the cutter in to the rolled out sugar or gum paste.

Step 3

remove exsessive paste

Remove the extra paste on the outside of the cutter. Use a Scriber Modelling Tool to take out the negative space inside the cutter.

Step 4

Use a Craft Brush to push the final template out of your rolled icing. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 5

Colour your cut out Cake Topper

Use our Colour Powder to paint mixed with alcohol or lemon juice to paint your final design. We used Champagne Gold Lustre Powder to paint this one!