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Creating Black Buttercream

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Published date: 26/05/2021 14:55

Black Buttercream.jpg

Achieving black buttercream can be very difficult and sometimes impossible. No matter how much black food colouring you put in the buttercream, yet it still stays grey.

Luckily, with PME – using a combination of Midnight Black Paste and the Jet Black Powder can make this process easier and achievable.

Firstly, you will need to prepare your favourite buttercream icing.

Once you have your buttercream ready, gradually mix in the Midnight Black Paste and keep adding until you are happy. Mix until all the buttercream has turned a grey / black.

Then you can add the Jet Black Powder and again mix.

Keep adding the paste and powder until you are happy with your colour.  Remember colours develop overnight.

You can also add cocoa powder for a richer and darker colour.

And voila, you will have a perfectly black buttercream, ready to be used to decorate your cakes and cupcakes. At PME we love spraying our lustre sprays, as the colour really pops and shines through. Try this on Halloween to spook you up!


The Midnight Black Paste is alcohol and gluten free

The Jet Black Powder is vegan, and also free from any artificial colours and preservatives.