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Triple Chocolate Cookies using PME Mix

Verschenen datum: 07/06/2021 11:32

Who doesn't like a good cookie? Especially with triple chocolate! Here is how you can make it in under half an hour, using our cookie mix.
Chocolate brownie image.jpg

Making Brownies with PME Brownie Mix

Verschenen datum: 04/06/2021 12:32

Everyone loves a brownie! Using our Too Good to be True Brownie Mix makes the process even quicker and easier, and will only take under 40 minutes to make!
pizza base.jpg

How to Make Pizza Dough with PME Bread Mix

Verschenen datum: 28/05/2021 13:37

We all love a good pizza, especially when it is fresh and not store bought. The thought and process of making the pizza dough can be off putting, but you can actually use PME’s Bread Mix to make the dough for your pizza!
Chewy Cookie image.jpg

A Guide to Making the Most Gooey Cookies

Verschenen datum: 28/05/2021 10:38

We all love cookies, but some people like it crunch and others prefer it chewy and gooey. The difference between the two is the moisture. Gooey cookies can be so hard to achieve, so we have put together some tips you can follow to make soft, chewy, mouth-watering cookies!

< 1 2 3 4 5 > 27 Resultaten