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JEM Pop It - Gift box Set of 2


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Détails du produit
  • Code-barres 6009704797159
  • Inner Box Barcode 36009704797150
  • Profondeur de la boîte intérieure (mm) 310
  • Hauteur de la boîte intérieure (mm) 165
  • Largeur de la boîte intérieure (mm) 185
  • Quantité de boîtes intérieures 40
  • Matériau principal Thermoplastique ABS
  • Master Box Barcode 26009704797153
  • Profondeur de la boîte principale (mm) 355
  • Quantité de la boîte principale 320
  • Largeur de la boîte principale (mm) 635
  • Profondeur du paquet (mm) 196
  • Hauteur du paquet (mm) 147
  • Poids du paquet (g) 115.8
  • Largeur du paquet (mm) 196
  • Code tarifaire 39249000
  • Code tarifaire des États-Unis 7615.10.7135
JEM Pop It - Gift box Set of 2
  • Easy to use cake decorating mould made from food grade ABS plastic. Works with gumpaste, flower paste or modelling paste.
  • It includes a set of two different size Hearts moulds.
  • Approx sizes: 2"x2" and 1.3"x1.4"
  • For best results use with the JEM Roller Pad or JEM Pop It Pad.
  • Also works perfectly with chocolate and for use with other crafts such as clay craft or candle wax making.
Description du produit

These popits are an absolute necessity for themed cake decorations. The detail in them make them that much more special in that they seem realistic and fun. Use different coloured pastes to create the different parts or why not use some of our other edible decorations to decorate. Lustre sprays or edible paints and even our sprinkles and flakes would look great.

We have a wide range of popits so have a look at our full collection. There is no doubt that whatever your occasion may be we have got it.

To wash these simply use warm soapy water.