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Ball Pan (203 x 102mm / 8 x 4”)


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Détails du produit
  • Code-barres 5060543480252
  • Inner Box Barcode 1.51E+13
  • Profondeur de la boîte intérieure (mm) 232
  • Hauteur de la boîte intérieure (mm) 232
  • Largeur de la boîte intérieure (mm) 220
  • Quantité de boîtes intérieures 6
  • Matériau principal Aluminium
  • Master Box Barcode 2.51E+13
  • Profondeur de la boîte principale (mm) 485
  • Hauteur de la boîte principale (mm) 250
  • Quantité de la boîte principale 24
  • Largeur de la boîte principale (mm) 465
  • Profondeur du paquet (mm) 222
  • Hauteur du paquet (mm) 115
  • Poids du paquet (g) 116.6
  • Largeur du paquet (mm) 222
  • Code tarifaire 76151080

Ball Pan (203 x 102mm / 8 x 4”)

  • PME professional bakeware is great for flawless results every time
  • Seamless anodised aluminium tin
  • The possibilities are endless – football cake, globe cake, snowmen, animal heads and so much more
  • There are 3 sizes available so have a look at our range
Description du produit
Enjoy spongy cakes which defy gravity with this ball pan. You can either keep it as a half sphere or make two lots to join together for a full sphere.

The anodised aluminium ensures even baking and the pan itself has a seamless finish. To balance the tin while in the oven use either foil or place ball pan in a regular pan.

Why not use our football/soccer cutters to create perfect football themed cakes.

To wash use warm soapy water.