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JEM Floral Cutters - Life Size Arum Lily & Leaf Set of 2


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Product Details
  • Barcode 6009679520653
  • Inner Box Barcode 36009679520654
  • Inner Box Depth 335
  • Inner Box Height 175
  • Inner Box Width 310
  • Inner Box Quantity 15
  • Main Material ABS Thermoplastic
  • Master Box Barcode 26009679520657
  • Master Box Depth 350
  • Master Box Height 370
  • Master Box Quantity 120
  • Master Box Width 640
  • Package Depth (mm) 15
  • Package Height (mm) 277
  • Package Weight (g) 58
  • Package Width (mm) 123
  • Tariff Code US 3924.10.4000
JEM Floral Cutters - Life Size Arum Lily & Leaf Set of 2
  • Create beautiful lilies with this easy to use life size arum lily and leaf cutter set.
  • Simply pop the cutters in your JEM roller pad, grease the cutters with JEM petal base, pop your paste over the top and roll your rolling pin over the back of the cutters to achieve neat, clean cut outs.
  • This set of 2 cutters are easily pieced together to create beautiful lilies that are perfect to complete any sugar flower spray.
  •  Finished Lily measures approx. 10cm.
Product Description

Achieving gorgeous life-like lilies could not be easier with this cutter set. Use some edible paint from our collection for the centres, and some of our sculpting tools for modelling the lilies. Why not use floral wire to make the decorations even more beautiful.

To wash these cutters simply use warm soapy water.