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Since 1956, PME proudly supply cake decorating and baking supplies to professionals, enthusiast and home bakers in 86 countries. With our heritage in product engineering in plastic and steelwork, PME distinguishes itself in the market as a brand you can trust, with product innovation and quality at the heart of our culture. Today, PME invest heavily in research and development and product development that ensure we satisfy the millions of people that enjoy making something special, whether it be for a hobby, special occasion or profession.

PME supply best quality baking supplies at affordable prices from cake boxes and boards in bulk, edible decorations in hundreds of shapes, food colours in different forms (powder, liquid, concentrated) and different shades of colour from natural to artificial, robust and extensive range of cake baking tins and cake trays, iconic PME signature items such as our Nozzles, Supatubes and much more.