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Floral Cutters - Calyx

From AU$2.33
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Product Details
  • Main Material ABS Thermoplastic
Floral Cutters - Calyx
  • This Set of Calyx Cutter is ideal for use with a wide range of edible and non-edible materials including: Sugar paste (rolled fondant), petal paste (gum paste), marzipan, craft clays and much more.
  • Dimension:
  • Small 23 mm (0.9")
  • Medium 33 mm (1.3")
  • Large 40 mm (1.6").
Product Description

This set of cutters are ideal to create sharp and intricate flowers. The flat top allows you to easily roll a rolling pin over to allow for a clean cut. The different sizes also mean you can create a 3D look by incorporating each size into each other.