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JEM Pop It - Gingerbread Man Set of 2

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Product Details
  • Barcode 6009704797036
  • Inner Box Barcode 36009704797037
  • Inner Box Quantity 1
  • Main Material ABS Thermoplastic
  • Master Box Barcode 26009704797030
  • Master Box Quantity 1
  • Tariff Code 39249000
  • Tariff Code US 2106.90.9898
JEM Pop It - Gingerbread Man Set of 2
  • Easy to use cake decorating mould made from food grade ABS plastic. Works with gumpaste, flower paste or modelling paste.
  • It includes a set of two different size gingerbread man moulds.
  • Approx sizes: 49 x 40 mm (1⅞ x 1⅝") and 31 x 26 mm (1¼ x 1").
  • For best results use with the JEM Roller Pad or JEM Pop It Pad.
  • Also works perfectly with chocolate and for use with other crafts such as clay craft or candle wax making.
Product Description
These friendly gingerbread moulds are a great way to add some character to your cakes. Why not use wires to stand them up. Use with our brush n fine pens to draw on faces,